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Our newsletters chart the company’s activities since its formation in March 2007.


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

London, September 2009

A busy summer leads straight into an equally busy autumn. In this newsletter you can read about performances at the Old Red Lion, radio plays available on CD, our Hamletmachine in Montpellier, and more!

The Perfect Girl at the Old Red Lion

The Perfect Girl written by Oystein Ulsberg Brager is being performed at the Off Cut Festival at the Old Red Lion in October. The festival is organised by In Company Theatre and runs from 29th September to 17th October. The festival programs short plays or ‘off cuts’ from longer plays. The Perfect Girl, a finished one act piece, is being performed as part of an evening comprising six short plays.

During the first two weeks of the festival the audiences can vote for their favourite play and playwright out of the 24 participating productions. The eight best plays move on to do a third week in which a jury chooses a winner. The winning playwright gets a full production of one of their plays by In Company Theatre at the Old Red Lion Theatre. So come along and vote for The Perfect Girl!

The Perfect Girl is directed by John Ward. You can also vote for best director, and we have already decided who we are voting for – welcome on board John!

The Perfect Girl is being performed at The Old Red Lion Theatre on:

Tuesday 6th October at 7.30pm

Thursday 8th October at 7.30pm

Saturday 10th October at 7.30pm

and Sunday 11th October at 3pm

For full program and more information about the festival see: or

For tickets and directions to the Old Red Lion Theatre see:

For more info on John Ward’s work see:

Bunbury Banter Radio Theatre Series Seven now available on CD

The series of six short horror-comedy radio plays directed by Imploding Fictions’ Oystein U. Brager for Bunbury Banter Theatre Company is now available on CD! Send an email to to order your copy.

Price: Only 5.50 including postage!

For orders outside Britain there is an additional postage charge, making the price 9.75 for international orders. Payable via PayPal.

For more information see:

The Inkermen Loss Anthology of short stories

Oystein’s short story The girl who set the fields alight is being published in the anthology Loss from Inkermen Press.

Join The InkerMen for a Lost Weekend, rolling down the Lost Highway.

They are Losing Their Minds, Losing Their Religion and Losing Sleep. They lost that loving feeling a long time ago.
For once they are lost for words. They are losing the plot, losing their place. They have lost their train of thought.
They are Lost in Music. They are Lost in Space. They don’t have the number for the Lost Property Office.
This is a book for all the Lost Children.

Price: 12.95 (+ postage)

For more information on Inkermen Press have a look at:

You can order the book on by following this link:

Imploding Fictions recommends: Judgement Day at the Almeida

Philip Thorne is the assistant director on James Macdonald’s production of Ödön von Horváth’s Judgement Day at the Almeida Theatre, translated by Christopher Hampton. Ödön von Horváth’s penultimate play is a vividly characterised portrayal of a society that refuses to take responsibility for its actions.

Judgement Day plays from Thu 3 Sep 2009 to Sat 17 Oct 2009

Evening performances 7.30pm

Midweek matinees 2.30pm on 30 Sept and 14 Oct

Saturday matinees 3.00pm from 12 Sept

For more information and tickets see:

New Imploding Fictions initiative: Oslo International Theatre seeks translators!

The number of contemporary international plays made available to Norwegian audiences is very limited. Many of the best emerging new plays and playwrights never find their way to the theatres in Oslo. Imploding Fictions has decided to do something about this, and we have therefore started the process of launching a new initiative in Oslo: Oslo International Theatre (OIT).

OIT will translate the best contemporary international plays into Norwegian and present them as rehearsed readings at an Oslo venue. OIT will initially be run as an idealistic, non-profit venture. There is already a lot of interest in this project amongst our Norwegian colleagues, but we still need more people to join in!

At the moment we are specifically looking for people to translate for us. If you have a passion for contemporary drama, share our desire for experiencing more of the best international drama in Norwegian and would like to help us out by translating a play, get in touch! To start off with we are looking for people who can translate from French, German and Croatian, but do get in touch if you speak other languages as well.

We are also interested in hearing from actors and generally anyone who might be excited by this project! Send an email to

Hamletmachine in Montpellier

Now in its second year of international touring Hamletmachine is still going strong! Following on from its success at Festival Premières in Strasbourg, the production has been invited for two more performances in France. On the 15th and 16th October Hamletmachine will be playing at Théâtre de la Vignette in Montpellier. Once again the show will be performed in English with French subtitles.

This is what the critic Francis Grislin had to say in his review of the guest performance in Strasbourg:

“…But for many the best production of the festival was without doubt Hamletmachine directed by Philip Thorne from England and the Norwegian Oystein Ulsberg Brager. The two directors met whilst studying directing at London’s Rose Bruford College and after graduating set up Imploding Fictions, a company which on evidence of this production promises to have a bright future”

You can also read an interview with Philip and Oystein (in French) on the Imploding Fictions blog under:

For more information on the upcoming performances in Montpellier check out Théâtre de la Vignette’s Homepage under:

With best wishes to all our friends near and far,

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager

Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

London, August 2009

Ghosts of Past and Present – rehearsed readings of new Norwegian plays at the Arcola

ATC and Company of Angels present Ghosts of Past and Present, two evenings of rehearsed play readings from emerging Norwegian playwrights in association with Arcola Theatre and supported by the Norwegian Embassy.

Tuesday 18 August at 6pm

Blue sky, green forest by Bjørnar L. Teigen

Wednesday 19 August at 6pm

Buy Nothing Day by Kim Atle Hansen

The readings are directed by Imploding Fictions’ Øystein Ulsberg Brager, associate artist of Company of Angels. Cast: Lloyd Gorman, Amrita Acharia, Eloise Secker, Laura Prior, Hannah Pierce and Alex Packer.

For tickets please RSVP to or call ATC on 020 7033 7360. Entry is free.

We hope to see you there!

Imploding Fictions recommends: Ghosts or those who return

The Norwegian readings are part of ATC’s Spin Off program and will take place at the Arcola Theatre before the 8pm performance of ATC/Arcola Theatre’s production of Ghosts or Those Who Return by Henrik Ibsen, presented in a new version by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. The production is directed by Bijan Sheibani.

Ghosts or Those Who Return is one of the best productions I have seen this year and certainly the best production of Ghosts I have seen in a long time.”
What’s On Stage 5*****

For tickets to Ghosts or Those Who Return please contact the Arcola Theatre Box Office on 020 7503 1646 or visit

For more information see

Hamletmachine in Montpellier

The Hamletmachine returns once again! Next up is two performances at Théâtre de la Vignette in the Université Paul Valery in lovely Montpellier on the 15th and 16th October. We look forward to once again performing in France, the land of froglegs, fromage and foie gras!

Wish us bon voyage!

Homepage of Théâtre de la Vignette:

As always, you can read more about Imploding Fictions’ projects on our homepage and our blog:

Best wishes,

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager

Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

In transit between Strasbourg and London, 14th June 2009

Hamletmachine plays to full houses in Strasbourg

Hamletmachine played to sold out houses in Strasbourg as part of Festival Premières, a festival showcasing work by young European directors. We  performed at the lovely Theatre Jeune Publique in the heart of town. We played three times and participated in a platform event with five other European directors, as well as being interviewed for the French/German TV channel ARTE. A wonderful festival atmosphere, lots of exciting people and the pittoresque surroundings of Strasbourg really made it an amazing experience. Serbian director Sanja Mitrovic commented:

“I very much liked Imploding Fictions’ Hamletmachine. The show was intelligent and emotional, touching and funny.”

Plans for future performances in France are underway!

You can read more about the festival here:

Imitating Eloquence at Maddid’s Nordic Festival

Oystein’s one man show from last year is being developed further. After two performances in Norway last year, the show is now finding its way to London as part of Maddid’s Nordic Festival at The Space. Imitating Eloquence is a work in progress, and the most radical progress this time is a change of performer: Oystein is passing on the baton to Astor Agustsson, a great performer from Iceland whom we also have collaborated with in the past. Who knows what an icelandic touch will give…

Part performance, part game, part ritual; Imitating Eloquence is a discovery of how easy it is to lie. How near death is. And how, if you say “eloquent” over and over again, the word suddenly looses meaning. Eloquent. Eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent. Eloquent. See? Doesn’t mean anything.

The performance is part of a whole evening of exciting new work by Nordic artists – catch it all at The Space on 11th or 12th of July. They promise to serve waffles!

For booking, full line-up and further information visit:

Tickets are also available by phone: 0207 515 7799

Cabaret Within on IMDB

Our film Cabaret Within is now on IMDB. Check it out under:

International Translator’s Conference in Mülheim, Germany

Philip has recently returned from a two week international gathering of theatre translators hosted by the Mülheimer Theatertage. You can read an article about it (in German) under:

Or watch the translators at work (in a variety of languages) on the video under:

Imploding Fictions’ recommends

Y LA NOCHE ES UN OCÉANO by Sleepwalk Collective

at Camden People’s Theatre
Thu 18 Jun 09 – Fri 19 Jun 09
at 8.00PM
£12.00 Concs: £8.00

Our long time collaborator Sammy Metcalfe also has his own company, the Sleepwalk Collective based in Vittoria-Gasteiz in Spain. Their performance Y LA NOCHE ES UN OCÉANO (or AND THE NIGHT IS AN OCEAN) is currently touring Europe, and Londoners can catch it at CPT this week. For further dates see the Sleepwalk Collective website:

Sleepwalk Collective are preparing to leave Earth forever. We’re looking for somewhere quiet, somewhere still, a place where the stars are always out. Tonight, just enough time to find what we’d like to take with us. Enough time to stand in front of strangers and lie that this can last forever, that everything’s going to be alright. To fall in love with you; to look you in the eye.

And we’d like you to be thinking of us. We’d like to do that moment where you realise that the time has come, and that moment where you know you will not be coming back from this. We’d like to do that moment where our hand is shown, like almost to the bone. We’d like there to be moments of sadness, and moments of hope.

There will be some sex, and a little bit of death. Hard to escape that. Like it’s hard to escape the way in which our blood flows; like it’s hard to escape the movement of the clock. ‘AND THE NIGHT IS AN OCEAN’ invites you on a journey into the unknown, into the darkness, into The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of. It’s our swansong. It’s our last kiss goodbye to the world.

As always, you can read more about Imploding Fictions’ projects on our homepage and our blog:

Best wishes,

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager

Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

London, 9th April 2009

Hamletmachine in Strasbourg

Hamletmachine is on the road again! This time the show has been invited to Festival Premières in Strasbourg. It will be performed at 8.15pm on the 5th and at 8.15 and 10pm on the 6th June at Le-Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg. Feel free to drop by if you’re in the area!

Our trip to France involves delving into a field we had not yet been exposed to: The joys and trials of surtitling! Our elusive and ever changing show will indeed be texted in French. It will be an interesting experience…

You can read more about the festival and Le-Maillon on:

Sense at Southwark Playhouse

28th April to the 2nd May

This is not an Imploding Fictions production, but is produced by our good friends and collegues at Company of Angels. Oystein is directing one of the pieces:

Following on from the play’s success at Theatre Café Festival 2008, five Company of Angels’ Associates will jointly be directing a promenade production of the award-winning Sense by German author Anja Hilling with a cast of 10 final year Drama Centre students.

Sense is a series of stories which link to each other. All five ‘senses’ are also plays in their own right. A play about teenagers, love, and the need to make radical choices, Sense is an intense, poetic journey into touching, inhaling, tasting, hearing, seeing and experiencing life to the extreme.

“astonishingly grown-up and hard-hitting theatre for young people”
Lyn Gardner – The Guardian, on Theatre Cafe 2008

Tickets can be booked from:
or 020 7407 0234

Or read more on:

Imploding Fictions recommends…

We would also like to recommend Fortellerfestivalen 2009 (the Storytelling Festival 2009) which takes place at Det Åpne Teater in Oslo, Norway from 20th to the 24th May. The program includes  some of the best Norwegian storytellers as well as exiting international guests like Peter Chand and Ben Haggerty from the UK. Oystein will be assistent director on the opening show and finale, directed by Birgitte Strid, both shows featuring great storytellers and musicians!

The festival is produced by Fortellerhuset and Albatrass.

For more information have a look at:

New office address

Please also note that we have a new office adress:

Imploding Fictions
CO/Oystein Ulsberg Brager
24 Bay Tree Close
The Hollies
Kent DA15 8WH
United Kingdom

As always, you can read more about the company’s projects on our homepage and our blog:

Best wishes,

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager
Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

25th November 2008, London

Since our last newsletter we have been busy performing, travelling and directing. Here’s a little update on our most recent implosions!

Successful performances of Norway.Today at Southwark Playhouse

On the 14th and 15th of November we performed our production of Norway.Today by Igor Bauersima at Southwark Playhouse, drawing a full house both nights. The response from the audience was great, and we want to thank everyone who was there for coming! Cheers also to Company of Angels for inviting us, and to Southwark Playhouse for making it a smooth ride.

And of course a huge thank you to our amazing team for making this all come together! Without Hannah Boyde (actress), Neil Connolly (actor), Tamas Kiraly (Lighting Design) and Laurence Short (Sound and Video Design) there would be no Norway.Today – or tomorrow…

Which brings us to our next point: If you saw Norway.Today, enjoyed the performance and would like to support our bid for a further life for this production, please drop us a line with your response!

(Any critical feedback is of course also appreciated!)

Nightblind at Theatre Café

Norway.Today was performed as part of Company of Angels’ Theatre Café Festival. The festival program  took place both at Southwark Playhouse and the Unicorn Theatre, and included a number of rehearsed readings of new European plays for young audiences. Philip translated one of the plays that was presented, Nightblind by Swiss playwright Darja Stocker, a story about domestic violence, dysfunctional families and teenage relationships.

You can read more about the festival and Company of Angels on:

Theatre Cafe has also led to some interesting online debates which you can follow up under:


Directing Seminar in Croatia

Representing both Imploding Fictions and Company of Angels, Øystein went to the Assitej International Festival in Cakovec, Croatia to participate in a directing seminar lead by Klaus Schumacher, artistic director of Junges Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. The seminar was held under the heading “How to make theatre (for young audiences) that matters” and provided a very exciting platform  for directors from all over Europe. A lot of interesting contacts were forged and we plan to stay in touch with everyone through email and Facebook, as well as hoping we’ll meet again in the future! To all our new friends: Drop us a line if you are ever in London!

Øystein directs radio theatre for Bunbury Banter

In addition to being busy with implosive affairs, Øystein has also found the time to direct for the Bunbury Banter Theatre Company. Øystein had a lot of fun directing their seventh series of radio plays; a collection of stories from the realms of gruelling horror… The bloodcurdling results are currently being edited, we will let you know as soon as they are available on air or online!

You can read more about Bunbury Banter on:

As always you can check up on Imploding Fictions’ projects and whereabouts under:

Or join our Facebook group for special secrets and updates!

We wish you all a serene advent and a serendipitous Christmas : )

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager

Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


See Norway.Today at Southwark Playhouse 14th and 15th November!

[image: Norway Today Flyer]

See Norway.Today at Southwark Playhouse

Imploding Fictions’ production of Igor Bauersima’s Norway.Today was developed at The Junction in Cambridge in February as part of the Young Angels Theatremakers Award. Now the production comes to London for two nights only as part of Company of Angels’ Theatre Café Festival.

We recommend you to book tickets now! Southwark Playhouse operates with airline-style ticketing, which means tickets are cheaper the earlieer you book…

Tickets for Norway.Today only:

Tickets for Theatre Café Festival and Symposium: 020 7928 2811

We look forward to seeing you there!

All the best, Øystein and Philip

I found the piece refreshing and exciting. The writing was of a high standard and the flow from a couple who were preparing to die to that same couple finding new ways to live was optimistic and beautifully arranged. The writing was subtle but had its own poetry and rhythm and the translators/adaptors should be congratulated. I thought the use of multi media complemented the action in an authentic and innovative way. The piece was beautifully and sensitively directed and stayed with me for a long time.

Dinos Aristidou (Arts Council England South East)

I was moved to see such a delicate and relevant topic for teenagers being dealt with in an incredibly sensitive way. I want to congratulate the team on creating a piece of boundary-pushing theatre (…).

Claire Shenton


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

Oslo 28th August 2008


This is not a newsletter filled with dates, plans and projects for a
change… but a cancelation. We were about to embark on our tour of Now You
See It, Now You Don’t. Due to an unfortunate accident this has been
cancelled. For the full story visit our blog under:

Apologies to our friends and colleagues in Amsterdam! We know that many of
you had already booked tickets, and we were hugely looking forward to see
you all again and return to the beautiful Frascati Theatre. We will return
again as soon as the possibility presents itself!

INSTED letters

If you’re curious about what Now you see it was turning into in the last
stages of rehearsals, you can take a look at the INSTED letters which
chronicle the creative process of the show. They are so to speak the
fragmented ruins of this prematurely imploded project!

INSTED initiated the letter excange between Philip and Serbian mime and
performance artist Sanja Mitrovic, and between Øystein and the British
theatre director David Overend. You can find them under “Essays” on the
INSTED homepage:

Imploding Fictions recommends

If you are at the Amsterdam Fringe be sure to visit our friends in
TheSamePerson who have stepped in to take our slot at Frascati 2 on the 5th,
6th, 7th and 8th September at 9.30pm with their show UG(gly). Highly

You should also make sure to catch Demises by LIARS, directed by David
Overend, at Het Compagnietheater at 10pm on the 5th, 6th and 8th September.

Sanja Mitrovic is presenting her new performance during BITEF in Serbia
27th, 28th and 30th September, and in Het Veem theatre in Amsterdam on the
23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th October.

Activity in Oslo

After breaking off rehearsals we are stuck in Oslo – which isn’t such a bad
place to be! We are spending our time having a long overdue creative meeting
with our wonderful graphic designer Anders N. Pedersen, visiting the Ibsen
Festival (blog entries about this to come…), strengthening our ties with
Norwegian cultural institutions and hopefully laying the fundament for a
project here sometime next season. We have a new Oslo address:

Imploding Fictions
C/O Øystein Ulsberg Brager
Leyrins gate 2
0585 Oslo

Back in England all our admin activities have been centralised at 18
Woodside Crescent, our not-so-secret lair of imploding affairs, and the
Salisbury Road address is no longer in use.

As always, you can read more about the company’s projects at our various web

Wishing you all the best,

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager
Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

17th July 2008, London

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, not because of any summery
laziness but due to a crammed schedule of planning, rehearsing, writing
and touring.

In this newsletter you can read more about our coming performances of Now You See It; Now You Don’t in Amsterdam and Oslo, our revival of Norway.Today in London in November and the continued success of our production of Heiner Müller’s Hamletmachine.

Now You See It; Now You Don’t, in Oslo and Amsterdam

We’ve started rehearsals for our new devised production Now You See It, Now
You Don’t in London, and will continue rehearsals in Norway in August.

The  preview performances will run from 1st – 3rd September at NISS in Oslo.
Times are still to be confirmed, we will send out more information in due course.

We are very pleased to finally be rehearsing and performing in Norway, and hope to see all our Norwegian friends and colleagues there!

The premiere of Now You See It… will be at Theatre Frascati Amsterdam on the 5th September. The show will run for four nights until the 8th September as part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. You can book tickets on:

We’d like to thank the Acting Department at NISS in Oslo and the Norwegian
Church in London for rehearsal space. The production is supported by
the Norwegian Foreign Ministry via STIKK and the Norwegian Dance and
Theatre Centre.

Hamletmachine at the ITS Festival Amsterdam

We’ve recently returned from Amsterdam where we performed Hamletmachine in the beautiful Frascati Theatre in the heart of Amsterdam. The critic Alexandra Müller wrote:

“This Hamletmachine was the work of two directors who really knew what their question was to the text, to their actors and to the medium itself. An aesthetic and intellectual statement and at the same time a personal answer to the question: How to do theatre today.”

You can read the full review under:


As delegates of INSTED, the international network for young theatre
directors, our stay in Amsterdam involved a pretty full on program of
seeing shows and participating in talks, debates and workshops. Under
the leadership of  Thomas Spijkerman and Wilko Sterke Oystein
participated in a music theatre workshop whilst Philip worked under
writer/director Ad de Bont, directing Dutch actors in a scene from one
of his plays. The results were to be seen on the last day of the ITS
Festival at the Engelbak theatre. You can read about this under:

We forged lots of new friendships following the INSTED Directors’ route
(if you are one of them, you are receiving your first Imploding
Fictions newsletter now – hello!) and look forward to tightening our
links with the Dutch theatre scene… See you again in September!

Norway.Today at Southwark Playhouse in November

Our production of Igor Bauersima’s Norway.Today which we developed in
Cambridge in February 08 will be revived for two nights only as part of
Company of Angels’ Theatre Café Festival. The performances will be on
Friday 14th and Saturday 15th November at Southwark Playhouse. The
Friday performance is part of the Theatre Café Festival symposium which
includes 5 readings, 2 productions, Young Angels Award showcases &
presentation and a Theatre Café Festival Party.

Tickets for the symposium are for sale through Company of Angels, but general tickets for the two performances have not been released yet. We will let you all know as soon as they are out!

Contact Company of Angels if you want more information about the festival or want to book tickets for the symposium:

Angels’ Associates

Company of Angels have recently announced their new Angels Associates scheme.
We are both delighted to be two of the now eleven associates, and look
forward to continuing our fruitful relationship with Company of Angels.

Online Implosions

Since last time you heard from us we have written blog entries on subjects
ranging from flying Dutchmen via similes between Imploding Fictions and
the Shining to hardcore partying with the Bard. Check it all out on!

And as always you can check up on our projects and whereabouts under:

Or befriend us on Facebook and join our Facebook group for special secrets and updates – just for insiders…

Have a high spirited summer, and hope to see you soon – be it in Norway, the
Netherlands or the UK…

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager
Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

28th April 2008, London

Hello everyone! Winter is imploding, spring is finally on its way and we have a busy time ahead; in the coming months Imploding Fictions is for example going to
Amsterdam. Twice!

We have many new subscribers to our newsletter this time; welcome to you all! We are glad you take an interest in Imploding Fictions’ work. (If against all common sense however, you should wish to unsubscribe, please see the bottom of this email.)

Imploding Fictions in Amsterdam

Having two productions on in Amsterdam this summer, we are tempted to announce this as our  ‘Amsterdam Season’. In the Netherlands we will stock up on wooden shoes and windmills (Stereotypical? Us?) and catch up with our colleagues in INSTED. And of course perform…

Hamletmachine at the ITs Festival

Hamletmachine is on the road again. After London, Cairo and Rome we’re now off to Amsterdam. We will perform at the ITs Festival, more specifically at the Engelenbak Theatre, giving two performances on the 23rd June. If you happen to be floating past the theatre in your canal boat or riding your bike through the Dutch streets, feel free to stop by for an hour and a half of hardcore postmodern entertainment!

Now You See It; Now You Don’t at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival

In September a new Imploding Fictions production will open at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival! Now You See It; Now You Don’t was scratched at BAC last year, and our hard labour (including cutting our own weight in confetti – yes, you heard us right…) will finally come to fruition. The show will be performed at Theatre Frascati, and the festival runs from 4th – 14th of September. Performance dates for Now You See It… are still to be confirmed.

Two clowns. They don’t come from the land of childhood fantasy, rather from the
painful reality of addiction, apathy and bad parties. They pay no attention to the
appending apocalypse but cling pathetically to their flawed raison d’être: Despite a dead audience and a thunderous headache, the show must go on.
Now You See It, Now You Don’t is an attempt to salvage the world with an
overabundance of confetti.

You can read more under:

Back from Hamburg

Over Easter we went to Hamburg with INSTED to attend the Körber Studio Junge Regie, observing performances by graduating directors from all over Germany. You can read more about our exciting trip (including our bizarre experience with German tea – they seem to have problems with the concept “tea with milk” over there…) in our blog:

Imitating Eloquence in Oslo

At the beginning of April Oystein performed his one man show Imitating Eloquence again, this time in Oslo. This is what Stein Eide from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) had to say about the performance:

“I liked the spirit of the show and the idea of continuously repeating open
statements about what different people do and how they behave. As an audience member you start creating a complex image of the people described using all the isolated pieces of the puzzle. As a listener you end up taking an active part by assembling and comparing all these pieces or statements.
The show is continually playing with the expectation of what will happen next. The idea and the execution of the show are confident, both in content and style, and I could sense an overtone of this wonderful absurdity which often runs through modern British theatre tradition.”

London representatives for INSTED

We have taken on the responsibility of running the London branch of INSTED, the International Network for Students of Theatre Directing. The network includes not only students but also graduates, and has members from other disciplines like dramaturgy and production, although the organisation’s focus is providing a platform where directors can communicate and exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas.
Anyone who wishes to be a member should let us know, or contact or have a look at

Imploding Fictions recommends FEWER EMERGENCIES

Our friend and colleague Elizabeth Newman, with whom we are bonded through a shared past of animal studies, emotional memory exercises and other such esoteric practices in the hallowed halls of Rose Bruford College is presenting a new production. Knowing Lizzie it’s bound to be something special.

Shared Property Theatre Company presents FEWER EMERGENCIES by Martin Crimp: Playing at the Albany Theatre 15 – 17th MAY 2008. 7pm and Sat Matinee 3pm.

Live Music. A primary school shooting. A national emergency. An abandoned child. Hailed as “a masterpiece of theatrical minimalism” by Time Out, Fewer Emergencies is an incendiary fifty-minute exposé of modern living and modern fears. By turns dream-like, comical and bitingly real, this theatrical trilogy exposes our obsession with telling tales and spinning lies, in a desperate bid to uncover some moment of
truth about why we are and what we are.

Tickets ?5.50.

Imploding Fictions recommends THE CITY ASLEEP

We’d also like to recommend the latest deed by Samuel Metcalfe, our esteemed
collaborator in all matters implosive. He’s set up an intriguing interactive web
project: THE CITY ASLEEP is part of the Sleepwalk Collective’s current project AND
THE NIGHT IS AN OCEAN which recently premiered in Vittoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

“The City Asleep. The stuff dreams are made of. You have been here already, of
course. Walked it’s streets. Found yourself in the strangest of places. Perhaps we
have already met here. Perhaps we are still to meet. See you there. Tonight.”

You can visit THE CITY ASLEEP and leave your own trail under:

And if you are not yet familiar with Sleepwalk Collective’s work you should urgently
check out: and

Our online facelift

Our home page has recently undergone a massive nip and tuck. You can now find more
detailed information about our past and present projects, extensive information on
the various workshops we offer, up to date lists of collaborators, links to all our
other web profiles and a huge gallery with photographs from productions, touring,
rehearsals and stills from our short films. It’s amazing what a doze of Botox and a
high speed milling cutter can do!

Check out what’s beneath the bandages under:

And as always you can check up on our projects and whereabouts under:

We wish you all a sunny and libidinous springtime!

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager
Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

2nd March 2008, Hamburg

Imploding Fictions in Hamburg

We have an exciting month ahead in Germany! INSTED has awarded us a bursary
to attend the Körber Studio Junge Regie at the Thalia Theater in
Hamburg. This symposium brings together the best productions by upcoming
directors in Germany and provides a platform for young theatre makers to
exchange ideas, debate and forge contacts. We are particularly looking
forward to a symposium with *Hans Thies Lehmann *author of *Postdramatic
Theatre*. We will report on the productions and discussions in our blog when
we come back!

Imploding Fictions in Cambridge

In the last month we were based in Cambridge completing our new production
of Norway.Today at The Junction.

We’ve worked intermittently on the show since September of last year and
it’s certainly the most ambitious thing we’ve done since Hamletmachine. We
chose Igor Bauersima’s text about youth suicide long before the issue came
to prominence in the news. The recent deaths in Bridgend added an
uncomfortable urgency to the latter part of our residency and an increased
sense of responsibility not to trivialise or romanticise the subject. We are
delighted and encouraged by the positive feedback we received. A school
teacher from Cambridge wrote to us after the show commenting:

“I was moved to see such a delicate and relevant topic for young people
being dealt with in an incredibly sensitive way. I want to congratulate the
team on creating a piece of boundary-pushing theatre for children. Great

Thank you to all of you who came to the show! For those of you who couldn’t
make it you can see photos of Norway.Today on photographer Rob Colin
Thomas’ homepage:

or on facebook:

As always you can check up on our projects and whereabouts under:

And in addition to this, Imploding Fictions has now also got a profile on

Best wishes and a cheery (if blusterous and chilly) March!

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager
Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions


Hello and a cheery 2008!

Tickets for Norway.Today can now be booked at the Junction Box Office:
01223511511, web:

It would be great to see you there!

Philip Thorne and Øystein Brager
Artistic Directors of Imploding Fictions

[image: Norway Today Flyer]


Imploding Fictions awarded the Premio Claudio Gora in Rome!

Imploding Fictions Newsletter

London, December 2007

We’ve just got back from Rome were we performed our
Hamletmachine production as part of Association Claudio Gora’s
festival of experimental performance.
It was a great week, above all due to the charming and intimate Laboratorium
Teatro which we all fell in love with, and the passion and enthusiasm put
into the running of this remarkable festival.
Five productions compete for the festival’s award: the Premio Claudio Gora.
We feel very honoured that the festival Jury chose to award the Premio
Claudio Gora 2007 to Imploding Fictions. The Jury selected Hamletmachine with
the following statement:

“The ability to express through poetry of the body, the power of images and
the strength of silences, and the rigorous research conducted”

This is a huge encouragement and support for our work and we warmly thank
the Association Claudio Gora for having given us this opportunity to perform
in Rome.

We hope to return to Laboratorium Teatro again soon and maybe collaborate on
future productions.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and we’ll be back in the New Year
with a remainder to book your tickets for Norway.Today in February!

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager
Artistic Directors – Imploding Fictions

To find out more about Association Claudio Gora visit:

To read newspaper articles about the award and Hamletmachine in Rome visit:

And as always you can visit Imploding Fictions on:


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter!

London, November 2007

It’s been another productive month! The rehearsal process for our new
production Norway.Today is now well underway. So far it has involved
an excessive consumption of bubble fluid, tracking down Norwegian
cliff divers and a close encounter with death on our parts…

If you are curious check out: and
And of course come and see the production in February!

Hamletmachine in Rome

Hamletmachine is back on the road!
On the 13th December we will be playing at Laboratorium Teatro in Rome.
The production has been selected to be shown in a week of experimental
performances presented by Associazione Claudio Gora.

To find out more about Associazione Claudio Gora and Hamletmachine in
Italy visit:

Imploding Fictions Residency at The Junction in Cambridge

We have started our residency at The Junction in Cambridge, made
possible through the support of Company of Angels. The Junction is our
main rehearsal base for Norway.Today and the production will be put on
in the venue’s main auditorium on 22nd February.

Imploding Fictions on the Web

Imploding Fictions is now on Facebook!

And as always you can visit us on:

Wishing you a cheerful advent and a swashbuckling yuletide,

Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager
Artistic Directors of Imploding Fictions.


Imploding Fictions’ Newsletter

Newsletter 2

Imploding Fictions in Cairo and Belgrade

It’s been a busy month which saw us both at the Cairo International
Festival of Experimental Theatre and the intercultural theatre
programme Me and You + something in between in Serbia.

Our production of Hamletmachine was this year’s UK entry to the Cairo
Festival and received two sold out performances at the Opera House’s
Artistic Centre.

You can find out more about our time in Egypt by visiting our blog under:

Oystein Brager has just returned from Belgrade where he participated
in Bitef Theatre Festival’s programme Me and You + something in
between which was organised by the Serbian cultural organisation
Hop.La. 18 theatre practitioners from 10 different European countries
participated in the programme which consisted of workshops, seminars
and round table discussions, revolving around themes suggested by
Martin Buber’s book You and Me. We look forward to staying in touch
with all the interesting people we made contact with, and hope this
event will lead to exciting collaborations in the future!

Imploding Fictions residency in Cambridge

After a successful preview performance of Norway.Today at The Junction
in Cambridge this September, we are delighted to have been chosen for
the Young Angels residency at this venue which is initiated by Company
of Angels.
As from next month we will be rehearsing in Cambridge, developing the
project further which will lead to a full production of Norway.Today
at The Junction in February 2008.
A taster from our first Cambridge performance will shortly be
appearing on YouTube…

Recommendation: The Ugly One at the Royal Court, London

Marius von Mayenburg’s scalpel sharp farce on cosmetic surgery is not
only a viscous dismantling of the mechanisms of farce, it is also a
witty deconstruction of character, identity and theatrical semblance.

The Ugly One is playing at the Royal Court Theatre in London until
14th October – Tickets are selling out quickly.
Philip Thorne of Imploding Fictions was Assistant Director on this production.

As always you can keep updated on our schedule and projects under:

Hope to see you soon,

Oystein Ulsberg Brager and Philip Thorne
Artistic Directors of Imploding Fictions



Newsletter 1, London 18/8-07

This is a busy and exciting autumn for Imploding Fictions. It is
barely half a year since Imploding Fictions saw the light of day, and
our calendar is steadily filling up.


From the 1st to the 5th of September we are going to Egypt, taking our
production of Heiner Müller’s Hamletmachine to Cairo! The production
was selected to be part the official programme of the Cairo
International Festival of Experimental Theatre. This is the 19th
instalment of this prestigious festival, and we are very proud to have
been invited! The Hamletmachine was originally produced as our
showcase production at Rose Bruford College, premiered at BAC in
London and was subsequently revived for the Universal Voices
Symposium. The performers, then as now: Sammy Metcalfe and Hannah
Boyde. This will be the first time we perform in Africa.


Imploding Fictions is presenting a preview performance of Norway.Today
at the Junction in Cambridge on the 14th September. We have been
chosen by the Young Angels Theatremakers’ scheme, as one of five
companies to develop challenging, experimental work for young
audiences. Two of the participating companies will be commissioned to
create a full length production at the Junction in February 2008, so
we hope that you all cross your fingers and wish us luck!
Norway.Today tells the tale of August and Julie, two teenagers who
meet via an internet chat-room and decide to embark on a joint suicide
trip to the desolate and wintry Prekestolen cliff in Norway. Whilst
filming each others farewell messages on a camcorder they try to
unravel their true motives for wanting to jump, and it transpires that
it is less the will to death that drives them, than a yearning for a
moment of true living. Within the biting cold of the natural
surroundings and the impending finality of that clifftop jump, they
discover an urgency and feeling of reality that transcends the
fakeness of their media dominated existence.
With this production we are exploring a fusion of live and
pre-recorded action, merging film, projection and live feed video. We
are collaborating with film editor Laurence Short. Neil Connolly and
Hannah Boyde are playing the parts of August and Julie.


From the 24th to the 29th of September we will be in Serbia to
participate in the theatre symposium/festival Me and You + Something
in between.  We will be conducting research and initiating a series of
exploratory workshops using European folktales to reflect the changing
cultural environment of contemporary Europe. The Me and You symposium
aims to lay the foundations for a new intercultural pan-European
theatre production to be realised in 2008, a project Imploding
Fictions is excited to be involved in.


Our most recent performance was at the BAC Freshly Scratched Night
15th July where we presented the first instalment of our crazy
concoction of magical mayhem: Now You See It; Now You Don’t. The show
is a self proclaimed attempt to “salvage the world through an
overabundance of confetti…”
If you’re curious to know more you can get an impression under:

We are currently developing the show further.


We have now radically improved our web presence, and you can find us
on various different locations:

First of all, check out our homepage at
We will continue to improve and update it; at the moment you can find
information about our current and past projects as well as several
photo galleries from our past shows and short film productions.

At you can find video clips both from our
shows and our film projects, and on New Work Network you can find both
Øystein, Pip and Imploding Fictions:

Imploding Fictions:

Our most recent addition is a myspace page. Visit us on and add us as a friend!

We hope you stay in touch, and look forward to seeing all of you in
the future at one of our shows; in the auditorium, on stage, back
stage or in the pub afterwards!

Best wishes,

Øystein and Philip
Artistic Directors of Imploding Fictions

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