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Right now, most of my artistic energies are directed towards the new, major Imploding Fictions endeavor: The Amelia Project. Pip and I are for the first time writing and directing an audio drama series. I have directed some audio plays in the past, but never a series, and never for the podcast market. We have essentially become show runners, which is an exciting new title to put on my CV, but it means learning a lot of new stuff.

How do you create a concept that can keep a story running for season after season? How quickly do you progress the story? How much content does the audience need before they are hooked on your show?

We have fantastic collaborators at Open House Theatre in Austria and Bunbury Banter Theatre Company in Scotland that help us ensure that the quality of our show is as high as it can be. Despite their wonderful contributions, though, the main bulk of the learning curve belongs to Pip and myself. That’s only right; it’s our baby, and it is our responsibility at the end of the day to make sure this thing happens.

We’re looking at launching a Kickstarter campaign later this year – that’s a whole chapter in our book of new knowledge in itself. And understanding podcasting as a medium for dissemination of artistic content, and a marketplace, could fill a whole book by itself.

There are schedules, contracts, budgets and logistics, and in the midst of this we also need to keep our artistic groove going. We have to find inspiration somewhere to make sure what we write is exciting, fresh and alive… But where?

Luckily, I know how to give a boost to my creative nerve. You see, whatever I write or create, there is nothing that makes me quite as excited and creatively awake as what might just be the greatest TV-series ever made, by two of the greatest storytellers I can think of. I’m of course talking about Twin Peaks by Mark Frost and David Lynch.

This summer I’ve been devouring the new Twin Peaks season, being stunned, tickled, frustrated and satisfied in equal measures – just the way I hoped to be. To warm up to that experience, I watched the two original seasons again – for the fourth time. I can guarantee you, it wasn’t the last time.

I’m not claiming Twin Peaks is perfect, I just know that every time I watch the show, I experience something new, because the fabric of that show is so complex that it always speaks to whomever I have become since watching the last time. I also know that the universe of Laura Palmer and agent Dale Cooper never fails to trigger my desire to sit down and create worlds of my own.

Loving Twin Peaks is perhaps a cliché, but I’m not trying to be original. It’s just a fact.

For those of you who have still to discover this masterpiece, or whose shelf of box sets is missing this particular gem, I can heartily recommend the Twin Peaks – Definitive Gold Box Edition.

I hope Frost and Lynch can inspire you as much as they inspire me. Good writing!

– Oystein

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Born in Oslo, Norway 2nd August 1983. Freelance theatre director. Joint artistic director of the theatre company Imploding Fictions and Oslo International Theatre.
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