Conversations on devising

Kristina Ros, dramaturge at Barnteaterakademin, participated in a panel debate at Theatre Café Festival Oslo. She also brought a huge stack of books which we handed out to festival guests and others – thanks! The title of the book is Samtal om devising (Conversations on devising). Here is some more information about the book and about Barnteaterakademin. The information is in Swedish.

- Oystein

Samtal om devising bokomslag liten


Samtal om devising

En antologi från Barnteaterakademin

Red. Anna Berg, Lisa Lindén, Kristina Ros, 2013

Representanter för olika perspektiv och yrkesgrupper reflekterar kring begreppet och fenomenet devising: Hur definierar vi dramatik? Hur definierar vi text? Vem äger rättigheterna till de verk som skapas kollektivt och hur påverkar devisingmetoder teaterns olika yrkesfunktioner – dramatiker, skådespelare, regissörer, scenografer, dramaturger? Och varför är devising så inne just nu…

Antologin är kostnadsfri och finns för avhämtning på en rad teatrar i Göteborg, men går också att få sig tillsänd med post (beställaren står för fraktkostnaden). Skicka mail till: info(a) för mer information!

Boken är skriven på svenska.

Övriga publikationer

Barnteaterakademin har tidigare utgivit publikationerna: Makt och maktlöshet. Aspekter och tendenser inom den moderna svenska barnteatern; Kultur – nytta eller mening; Nio röster – nio pjäser.

Om Barnteaterakademin

Barnteaterakademin verkar på uppdrag av Göteborgs Stad Kultur, med syftet att främja nyskriven dramatik för barn och unga, stimulera debatt och forskning som fokuserar på barn- och ungdomsteater samt utveckla samarbeten mellan institutioner, fria grupper och representanter inom skola och kultur. Angereds Teater är sedan 2008 huvudman för Barnteaterakademin som drivs av en projektledare tillsammans med en styrgrupp, bestående av representanter från institutioner och fria grupper i Göteborg och Västra Götalandsregionen.

Info och kontakt: info(a), Projektledare Kristina Ros, mobil: 073-4347275

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Some photos from Theatre Café Festival Oslo

Theatre Café Festival Oslo was an Oslo International Theatre project. The festival series continues in Berlin, Frankfurt and Amsterdam in 2014 and 2015. Keep abreast of all the festivals at

Photos: Ida Oppen

For full credits see OITs webpage.

- Oystein

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Watch the panel debates from Theatre Café Festival Oslo 25-27 April 2014

A huge thanks to Norsk Scenekunstbruk for filming the panel debates and publishing them on Kanal Scenekunst.

Theatre Café Festival Oslo was an Oslo International Theatre project.

Interview with playwrights
Björn Bicker (DE), Tiago Rodrigues (PT) & Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer (DE) interviewed by Tale Næss (NO)


Interview with Fredrik Brattberg (NO) and director of Retours, Jean-Christophe Blondel (FR)
Interviewed by Tale Næss (NO)



Panel debate: The Nordic countries vs. the rest of Europe – similarities and differences in theatre for young audiences
- Michael Ramløse from Teatret Fair Play (DK)
- Anders Alnemark from Teater Fredag (SE)
- Teresa Ariosto from Company of Angels (UK)
- Stefan Fischer-Fels from GRIPS Theater (DE)
Interviewed by Tale Næss (NO)



Panel debate: Devising vs. playwriting in theatre for young audiences
- Kristina Ros from Barnteaterakademin (SE)
- Peder Opstad from Teater Grimsborken (NO)
- Liesbeth Coltof from Toneelmakerij (NL)
- Nils Petter Mørland from Det Andre Teatret (NO)
Interviewed by Tale Næss (NO)


Read more about Theatre Café Festival Oslo here and Theatre Café Europe here.




- Oystein

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Why do panthers hate the smell of ants?

A questionable welcome to Theatre Café Festival Oslo 25th-27th April 2015 from Artistic Director of OIT, Øystein U. Brager!

- Oystein

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Make your flowers perform in a piece of digital theatre!

Interested in making your garden perform? Read this message from our collaborator and friend Darren Lerigo!

“You Should Have Seen It Last Week…”

Hello, I am trying to create an exciting project for the Chelsea Fringe Festival and would like your help.

The project is called “You Should Have Seen It Last Week…” a phrase you will often hear a gardener say about their garden. It seems wherever you go in the world, the garden always had less weeds and more flowers back then…!

What is the Chelsea Fringe?

If the Chelsea flower show is the spectacular, stunning starlet of the horticultural world, the Chelsea fringe is the anarchic, homemade, anything goes fun lover that won’t be home until dawn.

Now in its 3rd year, it is a platform for artists and gardeners to express themselves, to join together for three weeks and encourage gardening in any form. If it is interesting, related to horticulture and legal, you are invited!

What can you do for the project?

I need people: – Who have a camera – Who have access to a plant or group of plants – whether a garden, allotment, forest edge or landscape. No gardening experience necessary! – Who can send me a picture of this plant or plants everyday for three weeks, from May 17th to June 8th 2014.

These will then be placed on the website, to create a gallery of what the plant or plants did actually look like last week! It is a flower filled version of this, basically…

What else?
I hope to get people from outside of Britain, so if you, or anyone you know may be interested, please share these project details with them. I think it would be great fun to see and compare a peony in Kent just coming into flower, while a cherry blossom from Kyoto begins to pale and fade… while someone in Northern Scandinavia photos the snow melting from the petals of a crocus.

Places are limited, so please let me know if you want to be involved by midnight, Sunday March 9th 2014.

You can contact me on darrenlerigo(a)

Many thanks, hope very much to hear from you soon,

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You are invited… to watch our 2011 show via YouTube

The 2011 Imploding Fictions’ show You are invited… was created for the inaugural Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane. It was performed online from five different Skype accounts around the world, in Norway, Germany, Spain, Texas and the UK.

For all those who missed it live, the entire show is now available via YouTube. You start the journey in Norway, then click your way through to the next part at the end of each video. Enjoy!

Read more about the show on our webpage.

- Oystein

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Book a talk in Oslo!


In conjunction with Theatre Café Festival Oslo we are offering seminars and talks with leading practitioners in theatre for young audiences from around Europe:

  • Stefan Fischer-Fels, artistic director of GRIPS Theater, Berlin
  • Adam Barnard, joint artisitic director of Company of Angels, London
  • Teresa Ariosto, joint artistic director of Company of Angels, London
  • Liesbeth Coltof, artistic director of Toneelmakerij, Amsterdam
  • Philip Thorne, joint artistic director of Imploding Fictions & Oslo International Theatre

Read more here: Speakers

To book a seminar, contact us via oslointernasjonaleteater (a)

From top: Stefan Fischer-Fels, Liesbeth Coltof, Adam Barnard

- Oystein

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European Writers Lab

To all aspiring playwrights in Norway:

Utlysning: European Writers Lab
I forbindelse med Theatre Café Festival 2014 – 2015 utlyser vi en eksklusiv mentorordning for lovende dramatikere. Fire deltakere, en fra hvert samarbeidsland, vil få:

  • Utvikle et nytt helaftens stykke for et ungt publikum
  • Personlig oppfølging av to mentorer
  • Gratis reise og opphold til Theatre Café Festival i London, Berlin, Oslo og Amsterdam
  • Arbeidssamlinger på alle festivalene med eksklusive workshops og seminarer
  • Presentasjon av det ferdige stykket på Theatre Café Festival i Amsterdam

Les mer om European Writers Lab og søknadskriteriene her: Utlysning European Writers Lab PDF

Søknadsfrist: 30. august 2013
Send søknaden til oslointernasjonaleteater(a)
Les søknadskriteriene nøye. Ta gjerne kontakt om du lurer på noe.

- Oystein

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The Predictions on YouTube

Our live stream of The Predictions is available in its entirety on YouTube. Be aware that nothing happens for the first 12 minutes. Sammy gives an introduction speach at 12:45. Then there is another pause, before the show starts at 25:30.

For a whole year theatre maker and performance artist Sammy Metcalfe wrote one prediction every day about the worlds condition on the 13th April 2013. In this uniqe one-off Imploding Fictions performance he performed all of his predictions on stage at Cafeteatret in Oslo.

The show was streamed live via Google Hangouts / YouTube.

See for more information about the show.

Written and performed by: Sammy Metcalfe
Directors and Dramaturges: Philip Thorne and Oystein Brager
Concept: Imploding Fictions
Produced in collaboration with Nordic Black Theatre with support from FFUK

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Letter 2 to Sammy via FutureMe

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 11 months and 30 days before The Predictions, on April 13, 2012. It is a letter from director Philip to writer/performer Sammy being delivered from the past through, and it arrived in Sammy’s inbox shortly before he went on stage.

- – -

Hi Sammy,
Greetings from the past!
It’s Friday 13th April 2012. I’m in my flat in Argenteuil. It’s a beautiful sunny day, the first in what’s been a grey and miserable month so far. I’m looking ahead, wondering about Saturday 13th April 2013 and wondering how we’ll all be feeling about this project we’ve gotten ourselves into by then, and the circumstances of your reading this email…
I’ve just logged onto the hotmail account I set up a couple of days ago, the inbox contains one message! The first prediction has arrived! This is ridiculously exciting… I will read it now…
Great. I’ve just read your first prediction, opened a blank neo office document, typed: THE PREDICTIONS and copied and pasted your first email into it. Strange to think that over the next 365 days this little procedure will become a routine… How many pages will this document end up running to? Fifty? A hundred? As a translator my first thought goes to the word-count which will be sickening!
On the occasion of just having received your first email, I’d like to skip forward 365 days and congratulate you on just having written your last prediction. Well done and thank you!
I imagine you are relieved the daily writing is over. Or has it by now become such a routine, such an integral part of your day, that you will be miss it? How has it been for you I wonder? Would you go back and do something like this again, as gamely as you started today? Or will you look back to this day on which I’m writing and wish you hadn’t set that 365 day process in motion? (Our past and future selves should get into a room and have a good chat about it all…)
The first prediction has raised my excitement. I’m intrigued, impatient and nervous how all this is going to come together. When you read this it’ll only be a matter of hours before we find out…
If you’ve gone through with it that is. If you’re actually in Oslo right now. Are you? I guess I have to consider the possibility that this all falls apart, that we give up. In that case this email will be an embarrassing reminder of a failed project. Awkward.
365 days. All day I’ve been tapping out the number on facebook, webpage and twitter. To me the number is a concept, I’ve got no sense of the actual time it entails… how long it feels, whether momentum can be kept going for such a timeframe… Also strange how this randomly chosen date, 13th April 2013, suddenly assumes such a significance and becomes synonymous in my thinking with ‘the future.’ I wonder as I type in 2012 and you read in 2013 what has changed in the meantime?
I’ll be married! At the moment I’m drowning in bureaucracy, trying to navigate my way through a tangle of discouraging British, German and French ‘legalese’ before I can get married. Please pass a message to my future self that he should be incredibly grateful that all that is over, and should spare a thought for me toiling away in the past. I hope my future self is benefiting from the work my present self is currently doing.
And I wish you a terrific performance today! In Germany we spit over each others shoulders three times and say ‘toi toi toi’ before a show. So in the film version of all this I spit now, here at my desk in Argenteuil, and in a seamless edit it reaches the floor 365 days later in Oslo, with you in the wings about to step on stage.
Toi Toi Toi.
- – -
The picture is of Sammy, at this point of the show wearing his tiger suit as predicted, instrucing the audience to take pictures of him.
Photo: Ida Oppen
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